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Are you or a loved one currently living in a nursing home? If you are aware of abuse, negligence or other harmful conditions, you may be eligible to file a personal injury case.

Here are some of the factors that could lead to civil litigation:

  • Failing to provide adequate nursing facilities
  • Limitations to hiring the appropriate staff
  • Inability to maintain sanitary practices
  • Failing to provide safe care
  • Limitations to medical treatment or services
  • And many more cases of negligence!

There are a lot of ways that nursing home care can fall short, and leave you or your loved ones in a bad spot. According to federal law, basic services must be compliant with the highest levels of safety, care and medical attention. Unfortunately, nursing homes do not always comply with these standards, leaving you in a position where litigation may be necessary.

Joel Sogol has experience in this area and has helped thousands of people get the results that they need, after suffering nursing home abuse or neglect. When you leave your loved ones in the care of a nursing home, you are trusting that it will be possible for them to receive a certain level of supervision and care. If your loved one is facing any of these conditions, it could be due to negligence in their care facility:

  • Falls and slips
  • Limited supervision
  • Being unable to access necessary services

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a nursing home. Joel Sogol, Attorney at Law is ready to help you understand your rights as well as what personal injury compensation may be due to your loved ones. Nursing homes have a duty to care for their residents, and failing to do so can result in legal action. Don’t let them get the best of the situation, because you are entitled to key rights and ultimately a better life for your loved ones.

Nursing home abuse can result in a variety of claims and coverage for expenses.

These are some of the reasons a case may be needed:

  • Hiring Practices that are Negligent: Having appropriate care means working with nurses and other care providers that are competent and able to perform their duties. It is also critical that nursing homes evaluate whether the people they are hiring have prior histories of abuse or neglect. Criminal backgrounds as well as other behaviors in their previous places of employment may render certain employees ineligible for patient oriented care. Finding out about a person’s history and selecting the right candidates is the fundamental responsibility of nursing homes. If an employee has a criminal or otherwise negligent background, then you may be eligible for civil litigation of some kinds.
  • Not having enough employees: Negligence can happen very quickly if the nursing home facility is understaffed. Because there are so many patients it can be difficult to keep track of everyone and make sure that the facility is running smoothly when there are too few people available to perform daily tasks or functions. Being understaffed will also increase chances of injury which can directly affect residents. Proving that a nursing home facility is understaffed can lead to civil litigation and other legal disputes.
  • Improper training: Handling patients in nursing homes requires a certain degree of training and knowledge about vital services. If a practitioner has not received adequate training and is unfamiliar with how to handle ill or otherwise disobedient patients, it can be problematic for the individuals in their care. For example, not understanding a person’s condition or being able to address their medical concerns on an ongoing basis may limit the ability of a nursing home staff member from helping the people that they are supposed to serve. Having improper training can also lead to neglect and elder abuse which warrant legal action.
  • Third-party responsibilities: Another important aspect of proper functioning in a nursing home is that residents are able to peacefully coexist with other members of the nursing home community. This means that residents should be protected from one another and also are able to live harmoniously. Being injured by another resident is cause for alarm because nursing homes are responsible for the care of each individual patient.
  • Medical problems: Perhaps the greatest issue of concern when working with a nursing home is that your loved ones are able to receive medication and treatment on a regular basis. Patients must follow strict medical guidelines and procedures in order to survive or continue on their path to recovery. A nursing facility that does not promote a patient taking medication regularly, or neglects to provide them with their dosage at the correct time, can be a problem that needs to be addressed in court.

These are just some of the ways that neglect can take place inside of a nursing home. It is important that you seek legal counsel so that any possible compensation can be awarded in order to rectify the situation and improve the lives of those affected.

These are some of kinds of abuse that may take place in a nursing home and should be carefully analysed by a lawyer:

  • Physical abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse

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