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If you have been convicted of a sex crime such as sexual abuse, rape or child pornography, you may be required to register with your local community and abide by other regulations. The Alabama Community Notification Act and the federal Sex Offender Registration Notification Act (SORNA), sometimes called Megan’s Law, both have provisions that must be followed if you have been convicted of certain sex crimes.

My name is Joel Sogol and I am a criminal defense attorney who represents individuals charged with community notification violations as a result of a sex crime conviction. Community notification violations can put you in jail. As your Tuscaloosa sex offender registration notification law attorney, my number one priority is to keep you out of jail.

West Central Alabama SORNA Attorney

There are a number of requirements associated with the act, the violation of which can result in your incarceration or loss of other privileges. According to SORNA you can be in violation for not any of the following issues:

  • Failure to have your driver’s license in your possession at all times
  • Living in a prohibited area
  • Failing to register any address where you “reside,” even temporarily for visits
  • Failure to register a new phone number
  • Failing to check in four times per year
  • Failure to register your employment information

The list is extensive and can be violated unintentionally. Violations are typically charged as a felony. I am a criminal defense attorney who understands the notification requirements and knows how to work with the court system to keep you out of prison for an offense. It is critical that you have a skilled lawyer on your side for these offenses, as the additional punishment includes incarceration.

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