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Driver’s License Suspended for DUI?

Alabama has strict DUI laws, which became even more strict in 2011 when Governor Robert Bentley signed senate bill 67 into law. My name is Joel Sogol, and I am a Tuscaloosa drunk driving defense attorney. I have been a criminal defense lawyer since 1974. I know the judges, the prosecutors and the laws in Alabama. I’d like to help keep you out of jail, prevent a criminal record for your DUI charge and protect your ability to drive.

Currently, a first DUI charge carries the following penalties:

  • Imprisonment of up to one year
  • Fine of $600 to $2,100
  • Driver’s license suspension of 90 days

A second DUI carries a driver’s license suspension of one year. An aggravated DUI for more than .15 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) more than doubles all existing fines, imprisonment and driver’s license suspensions. A breath test refusal elevates your DUI charge to an aggravated DUI.

If you lose your driver’s license, would you be able to get to work? If you lose your commercial driver’s license, would you lose your job? If your DUI charge is enhanced with an aggravated DUI, you could be facing a one-year driver’s license suspension for your first offense.

West Central Alabama Driver’s License Attorney

Unlike other states, there is no limited use driver’s license in Alabama. Other states have a ‘work permit’ driver’s license to allow a person to get to their job, and allow college students to drive to school. In Alabama, if you lose your license for a period of time, it is a total loss of driving privileges.

There are ways to fight your driver’s license suspension. You can file a civil suit against the Department of Public Safety to protect your license until your case is done and then beat the DUI charge. Depending on whether or not you took the breath test, we can minimize the impact on your driver’s license. An experienced DUI criminal defense lawyer can make the difference in your case.

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