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Alabama Vehicular Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Alabama Attorney Fighting Vehicular Homicide Charges

Have you been charged in a drunk driving accident which caused injury or death? I understand how tragic the loss of life can be, and how devastating traumatic injuries are for families everywhere. Under Alabama law, you are entitled to fair representation no matter how serious the offense.

If you have been charged with vehicular manslaughter, you are facing a host of serious legal problems, including losing your license, seeing your insurance rates go through the roof and shame in the community.

If you are convicted of vehicular manslaughter, a felony, you could face years in prison and heavy fines. After conviction, you may find it difficult to find a job, housing, or even vote.

I am attorney Joel L. Sogol, criminal defense lawyer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I have more than 30 years of experience in DUI accident defense, and will make sure your rights are zealously protected.

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Getting Your DUI Defense Right

A car accident involving charges of drunk driving are complex. Evidence against you may be questionable.

  • Was the field sobriety test or breathalyzer test administered correctly by properly trained personnel?
  • How long after the accident was the field sobriety test administered and where?
  • Has the blood-alcohol machine been recently calibrated? If so, when?
  • Are the results of the field sobriety test compromised because you are diabetic or are eating only low carbohydrate foods?

What Do the Charges Involve?

An experienced criminal defense attorney is absolutely critical to defending you against vehicular manslaughter charges. In defending clients accused of vehicular manslaughter or vehicular assault, I gather the facts of the accident myself, obtaining the police report and speaking with witnesses.

In my 30 years of experience, I have found that vehicular manslaughter charges are taken very seriously by the police and the courts. I aggressively defend clients accused of homicide by car, helping them fight the charges so that they can get their lives back.

When appropriate, I work to have the alcohol impairment charged dismissed or reduced. If that is not possible, I work to have your driving record sealed, because a DUI conviction in and of itself is costly.

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