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Car accidents can be traumatic and associated with a great deal of trouble for you and your family. No matter how bad things got, you may be entitled to receiving compensation for your hardships. Whether you are facing charges of manslaughter, or the associated legal problems that may come with a an accident, don’t hesitate to contact Joel Sogol, Attorney at Law.

You don’t need to watch the price of your insurance skyrocket, or lose licenses that you need for work. There is a better way, when you have proper legal representation. Joel Sogol has been serving Tuscaloosa Alabama for more than thirty years and is ready to help you. Here are some of the kinds of charges he can help you with :

  • DUI accidents or defense
  • Criminal Defense
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Other Car Accident related charges

The time right after a car accident is vital when it comes to getting the best facts about the case. There are a lot of injuries and fatalities that take place throughout the year in Alabama. More often than not, a crash can result in injuries and cause fatalities for families on both sides. Weather you are a passenger or a driver, having an auto accident attorney can make a difference in receiving benefits and going through the legal process on a whole.Weather there was damage to the vehicles or the health of victims, there is something that can be done.

There are many causes that may contribute to a car accident.

  • Distracted or otherwise unfocused driving can make a big difference in a driver’s performance. Having a conversation or trying to do multiple things while driving can contribute to eyes being taken off the road. Even simple things like searching for a radio station or addressing kids in the backseat can lead to distracted driving. It only takes a moment for a car crash to happen and distracted driving is a big proponent of this.
  • Another issue is impaired driving that can take place while a driver is either intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Alcohol impairment starts officially at 0.08 in blood level concentration. However poor driving can actually happen much before the mandated level. This means that having alcohol before driving can adversely affect the performance of a driver even if their blood concentration level is much lower than 0.08.
  • A common cause of accidents is unsafe driving that happens when a person does not follow regulations or traffic laws. Some examples of this include speeding, ignoring turn signals, going through stop signs, and tailgating. Decisions that may be fueled by emotional or reckless behavior can also contribute to accidents. Even though it is not always easy to know the reason for an accident, having a mindful perspective of safety laws and traffic regulations is necessary in today’s day and age. Paying attention to these rules can be identified as negligent behavior in the court of law.
  • Another reason that accidents may happen is because of drivers not being able to mechanically operate their vehicles. It could be a problem from the manufacturer or from improper usage of the vehicle itself, mechanical issues can lead to car accidents, injury and  other detrimental circumstances.

Be able to correctly identify the cause of a crash and also gain awareness of all parties involved is critical to the process of getting compensation. While it does take a significant amount of time and resources to uncover all the details of a car accident, Joel Sogol  makes a point of knowing the entire case and helping people get the most that they can in situation.

Here are some tips that can help handle aspects of a car accident immediately after may have taken place. You should know that the  time from when the accident happens till the law enforcement arrives is critical to getting the most information about the case. Depending on the specific circumstances, it may result in both injuries to physical and financial aspects of a person’s life. Here are some strategies to safely navigate the aftermath of a car accident or collision.

  • Find out about each person who was involved in the accident. It is best to identify if medical help is needed for yourself or someone else that may be in the same situation.
  • Be honest about the details that you remember and make sure to disclose anything that you are unclear about in the report.
  • Don’t know something for sure? is it important to refrain from discussing it so that all of the evidence collected is pertinent and can be used effectively.

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Getting legal advice and counsel help a lot in the process of handling a car accident. No matter who the responsible party was, proper representation is the best way to get compensation that you are entitled to and recover from the atrocities of such a horrible incident. Get ahead by seeking legal counsel from Joel Sogol today!

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