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Motorcycle accidents can be a troubling time. With medical procedures and related bills it can be hard to figure out how to move forward on your own. Joel Sogol has helped countless families and victims recover from motorcycle accidents in the past thirty years. Serving the people of Tuscaloosa Alabama since 1974, the law offices of Joel Sogol can help you get the compensation you deserve!

Thousands of people are affected by motorcycle accidents every year. Collisions are not only life threatening to the  motorcyclist, but also to passengers and oncoming traffic. Intersections are particularly notorious for creating situations where there may be motorcycle accidents.

If you find yourself being affected by a motorcycle accident or know someone in your family that has been in one, it is important to get legal counsel as soon as possible. Joel Sogol is an experienced accident lawyer who will take your case soon after the events have  transpired in order to make sure that the investigations take place in the best way possible.

Many times, injuries happen even when the person is prepared. Unfortunately wearing helmets or other gear won’t always prevent against harm. Motorcycle riders and their passengers have been killed because of larger vehicles colliding with them. Some of the conditions that may be experienced after a motorcycle accident include paraplegia, or paralysis from the neck down. Broken bones, ribs, arms, legs and damage to other parts of the skeletal system can create long-term pain and harmful conditions for the cyclist. Among the most dangerous results of the motorcycle accident are brain injuries that are sustained from the trauma of being hit. If the bike catches on fire, the fuel tank may explode and cause severe burns as well. There are a lot of health related problems that can occur from a motorcycle accident, and it is important to address the situation as soon as possible in order to maximize chances of survival.

Motorcycle accidents often need investigations to take place soon after the event. Some of the initial steps that help create a case include documenting photographic evidence, identifying mental and physical harm that was a result of the accident and identifying  who was at fault in the collision.

The path to recovery from a motorcycle accident can be long, especially  because of the financial, emotional and physical strain that could have been caused. The accident may also have been in part due to negligence from the driver of a car or truck. Personal injury claims may be called for depending on the specific circumstances. Having an expert motorcycle accident attorney will help to navigate the legal process and manage the case from day one onwards.

Motorcycle injuries and accidents are some of the most life-threatening and damaging collisions on the road. Almost 98% of accidents result in some type of injury with motorcycles. Since that is a known potential outcome from these kinds of incidents, it is important that safety is taken into consideration well in advance. In the event of a motorcycle injury,  the proper legal actions can be taken soon after the incident to get the best results.

These are three reasons why an accident may take place:

  • Problems with equipment. Accidents can happen even if both drivers are paying attention to the road. This may be because of a manufacturer error or faults in the way that equipment is designed. Being able to avoid harm and identify the way that liability is applied in your particular case is critical in determining personal injury claims and other forms of legal action.
  • Another cause of accidents is driver negligence. If a car turns at an intersection in the presence of a bike, it may be possible that the motorcyclist will be endangered. Running red lights or changing lanes without being aware of motorcyclists are other causes for motorcycle accidents. Blind spots as well as not being seen from the driver’s seat can contribute to the harm and injury of motorcyclists to a great degree.
  • There are a lot of harmful conditions that motorcyclists find themselves experiencing. Traction control or changes in weather can influence the environment and ultimately increase danger levels too. Some roads may also be poorly maintained or have surfaces that are not appropriate for extended use by motorcyclists.

These are just some of the causes that can result in a motorcycle accident and should be taken into consideration when going through the legal process.

After an accident may have happened, it is important to connect with all parties and get the legal process started. This may include a variety of people based on who was responsible for the accident as well as  the victim and their family. You may be eligible for compensation in categories such as medical bills, lost income and continued pain and suffering.

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If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, getting legal help can  make things easier when navigating the  court system, addressing charges or receiving compensation for medical bills and services. Find out how Joel Sogol can help you on the road to recovery today!

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