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Your future is the most important thing at stake after you’ve been charged with a criminal offense. My name is Joel Sogol, and I will work to protect your future. University students, in particular, may be faced with not only the criminal charge and potential record but also serious school sanctions, including expulsion. As a West Central Alabama criminal defense attorney, I represent my clients in state or federal court as well as with the University of Alabama Judicial Affairs.

A note to college students charged with a crime: College students under the age of 21 often face criminal charges resulting from dorm parties and late-night activities. If you have been charged with any state or federal crime, don’t take your charges lightly. Contact me today for a free consultation so I can help keep your record clean or sealed from your future employers.

Tuscaloosa Drunk Driving Defense Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer

Since 1974, I have been protecting the rights of individuals, including college students, in the Tuscaloosa area. Sometimes a case is not strictly about guilt or innocence, but about following the law, respecting civil liberties and protecting those charged from a conviction that may ruin current or future employment. My federal and state criminal defense representation includes handling cases such as:

Working to Keep You Out of Jail With a Clean Record

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, sex crime, violent crime, DUI or any other misdemeanor or felony, I’d like to help. Defending you against a criminal offense is not just about trying to make sure you stay out of jail. A conviction will follow you around for years. My clients trust me to focus defense strategies on dismissing or reducing the charges and, if you are under 21, sealing your record from public view if the charges can’t be dismissed.

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I am available during business hours and by appointment on the weekends. I always provide the initial consultation at no charge. Call (205) 345-0966 to schedule an appointment. You may also contact my law firm via e-mail.

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