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Alabama White Collar Crimes Defense Attorney

I understand that good people are sometimes tempted by easy access to somebody else’s money, resulting in embezzlement and money laundering charges. If you are convicted of these white collar crimes, you may face heavy fines or jail time, and find it difficult in the future to vote, find a new job or own firearms.

I am attorney Joel L. Sogol in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

I have 30 years of experience in criminal defense and more than four years as a public defender, so I understand how the police and court systems work. I am ready to defend clients accused of white collar crimes, including Internet crime and credit card fraud, with determined focus and commitment.

It is important to retain skilled counsel for charges of white collar crimes. For a free initial consultation, call my law offices toll free at contact me online. I am glad to review the white collar crimes charges against you to determine the best defense strategy.

Building Your Fraud Defense

If you are accused of fraud, it is very likely that the police have spent a great deal of time investigating the case, which may include:

  • Internet fraud: a Federal crime
  • Mail fraud: creating a Ponzi scheme which involves either regular mail or electronic mail
  • Money laundering: cashing fraudulent checks through your bank account
  • Credit card fraud: obtaining a credit card holder’s account information and identity unlawfully over the Internet or with a skimmer
  • Mortgage fraud: inflating a selling price and receiving a kickback
  • Tax evasion: avoiding the paying of taxes through fraudulent means

You have a great deal at stake when charged with white collar crimes. If your computer is connected to the alleged charges, it will be confiscated as evidence, as well as equipment used during the transactions, and any property purchased with the proceeds.

If the police or other law enforcement stops by “just to talk”, be polite, but do not tell them anything. Insist on calling a qualified criminal defense lawyer at the law offices at Joel L. Sogol for skilled counsel. Anything you say now can be used against you later.

Call me as soon as possible at (205) 345-0966, so that I can protect your rights and see that you receive due process. Contact me online.

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