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Federal drug crimes sentences may be under review

Most individuals have very limited interactions with police or other law enforcement personnel. They may have received a speeding ticket or a citation for other minor offense. They would not know what to do if a police officer starts asking them detailed questions about their activities, and might reveal information that could potentially lead to an arrest.When law enforcement is investigating a serious crime, such as federal drug charges, there may be many different agencies that are taking part in the process. These agencies are working together to help put the suspected targets of the investigation behind bars. A conviction of a federal crime, no matter what the charge may be, will mean that the individual will be spending a significant amount of time in prison.

When a person is convicted of a federal crime, they receive a mandatory minimum prison sentence. This takes away some of the discretion that judges have in these cases, meaning that the sentence will be imposed as is for anyone convicted of that particular crime.

Recently, the mandatory minimum sentences that are handed down in federal drug crimes have been reviewed by the United States Sentencing Commission. This group recommended changes for some of the sentences that are currently in effect, due to the amount of money being spent on federal prisoners.

The agency feels that the number of individuals in federal prisons greatly exceeds the number of violent crimes being committed in the country. It is going to take a closer look at some lesser crimes, such as drug charges and probation violations, to be sure that resources are being distributed properly.

These changes may lead to longer sentences for certain individuals. Those who have been charged with weapons offenses or other serious violent crimes may see mandatory minimum sentences increased.

If you are facing federal drug crimes or other criminal charges, speak to an experienced attorney in your area to understand your options. Federal crimes all carry extensive penalties and failing to present a strong defense to these accusations will result in extensive prison time.

The federal prosecutors have a significant amount of resources at their disposal, and will use this power to try to obtain a conviction against you. Do not speak to law enforcement without having your attorney present. You may make admissions that could make it much more difficult to defend yourself at trial. You have rights, and it is important that you do not do anything that would reduce the defenses that may be available.

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