Tuscaloosa State Drug Crime Defense Attorney

State drug crime convictions can carry heavy penalties that may include prison time, significant fines, and a mark on your record that will be hard for a prospective employer to ignore.

At the criminal defense law office of Joel L. Sogol, Attorney at Law, I have been providing effective, determined drug crime defense since 1978. Altogether, I have more than thirty years of state drug charge defense experience in Alabama. I take the time to listen to what your drug charges could potentially mean to your personal and family situation. I work hard to dismiss or reduce the charges against you, and if we can't get the charges dismissed, I work to seal your record from public view. Drug crimes are serious at every level.

If you have been charged with a state drug crime, rely on skilled and aggressive guidance. A state drug charge requires experienced, knowledgeable defense. Put my experience to work on your side.

I work to dismiss your drug charge. Then I work to seal your record.

State drug crime matters are often very pinpointed and revolve around a specific incident. Some of the types of state drug crime charges I handle include:

  • Felony and misdemeanor drug possession
  • Date rape drug charges
  • Cocaine possession and distribution
  • Meth lab, methamphetamine
  • Marijuana simple possession
  • Adderall, Xanax, prescription drugs
  • Juvenile law, youthful offender act
  • Diversion defense

I also handle matters related to federal drug crimes.

Contact me, state drug crime lawyer Joel Sogol, at my Tuscaloosa, Alabama, office today. I offer a free initial consultation so you can speak personally with me about the potential of your case.